June 9-12, 1988 - Washington, D.C.

We must put our strength at the service of our dreams, not our dreams at the service of our anger.
— Dai Sil Kim Gibson

Summary of remarks by the Honorable Marion Barry, Jr.

Marion Barry, Jr., greeted everyone and vigorously acknowledged his pleasure at being able to host the opening reception of "as significant a gathering" as Open Dialogue III. Barry noted that the District of Columbia stands as the home of every person of every hue and culture in the United States; "Whatever boat we came over on," he said, "we are all in the same boat now!" He is not surprised that the Association of American Cultures selected Washington, DC as the site for this historical gathering, since that city is doing so much for the future of America, in terms of educating and providing career opportunities for its youth.

Despite increased levels of unemployed and homeless people and of single-parent families, despite the lack of adequate day-care for everyone, and despite the current drug epidemic in the United States, Barry believes that art and culture have the ability to lift the spirits of all people—and this is a time, he said, when a lifting of spirits is essential.

This gathering would offer the chance to grapple with complex issues such as cultural equity, institution-building, opportunity and access, leadership, and empowerment. What better place to do so, asserted Barry, than in Washington, DC, "One of the world's greatest storehouses of cultural treasures." He urged the participates, as they met over the next two days, to feel empowered and energized by their unity, their ideas, their creativity, and their commitment to making a profound difference. This would not be simply an "ordinary Dialogue," he predicted, since the fact of their participation made them more than just ordinary people. They wanted to make a profound difference, to have a sense of action not unlike that of the 1060s, but combined with the "urgency of the '70s and the reality of the present."

Efforts to make that profound difference must begin immediatly. "Today you must be bold, visionary, determined, yet impassioned—be proud and committed... for whatever the mind conceives and the heart believes, the body can achieve" Barry said. He concluded by wishing all the participants a wonderful and fruitful time during their stay in the District of Columbia, and he named June 9th-12th, 1988, Open Dialogue III week in Washington, DC.

Conference Agenda

Open Dialogue III: Presented by the Association of American Cultures
June 9th-12th, 1985
Washington, DC
Conference Headquarters: Hotel Washington

Thursday, June 9th

Opening Reception 6-8pm

Hosted by the Honorable Marion Barry, Jr, Mayor

Smithsonian Institution—Haupt Gardens,
Arts and Industry Building

Mistress of Ceremonies:
Jane Delgado, Chair Open Dialogue III

Dean Anderson, Under Secretary, Smithsonian Institution

John Paul Batiste, Chair, The Association of American Cultures

Francis Hodsoll, Chair, National Endowment for the Arts

Lois Burke Shepard, Chair, Institute for Museum Services

Ralph P Davidson, Chair, John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Barbara R Nicholson, Chair, Open Dialogue III Host Committee

Patricia M Sheehy, Chair, DC Commission on the Arts

The Honorable Marion Barry, Jr, Mayor,
The District of Columbia

Chephas and Wiggins Celebrate DC! — Caribbean Style 9-12pm
Hosted by DC Commission on the Arts
Hotel Washington Ballroom

Master of Ceremonies:
Nora Bostaph & James Zimmerman
DC Commission on the Arts

Special Welcome:
John Jowers Virgin Island Council on the Arts

Trinidad Tobago Steelband

Virgin Island Arts Council & Rum Council

Open Dialogue — Caucus Meetings 10:30pm
Hotel Washington Federal Room
Open Dialogue Hospitality Suite 12am

Friday, June 10th

Opening Session
Longworth Office Building
House of Representatives,
House Ways and Means Committee Room #1100

Jane Delgado, Chair, Open Dialogue III Symposium

Honorable John Conyers, Congressman, Michigan
Honorable David Holmes, State Senator, Michigan Legislature

John Paul Batiste, Chair, The Association of American Cultures

Wyandaga Pierce, Eastern Deleware Nation, Turtle Clan
Agnes Copes, Waianae Coast Cultural and Arts Center

Keynote Address

Ricardo Hernandez, Deputy Director, Texas Commission on the Arts

Raymund Paredes, Author, Professor of English, Dean of the Graduate Division, UCLA, and Editor, Aztlan

Congressional Forum on the State of Cultural Equity

Pamela G Holt, Deputy Director, DC Commission on the Arts Dias, Chair, Honorable John Conyers

Distinguished Dias (Representatives from):

  • House Appropriations Committee
  • Budget and Appropriations Committee
  • Congressional Arts Caucus
  • Congressional Black Caucus
  • Congressional Hispanic Caucus
  • Other Congressional Representatives

Testimony Presentations:

(5 to 7 minute addresses with presentation of 2 page written report/synopsis of materials)

  • National Opinion Analysis Committee
  • Regional Forums Representatives
  • National Coalition on Concerns of Working Artists
  • National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies
  • National association of Artists Organizations
  • African American Museum Association
  • International Sculpture Center
  • National Conference of Artists
  • Association of Hispanic Arts
  • Japanese American Cultural Community Center
  • Washington Project for the Arts
  • US Census Bureau
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
  • Carmen Zapata, Actress
  • Paul DiMaggio, Consultant

Summary Remarks:

Peggy Cooper Cafritz, Chair Emeritus, DC Commission on the Arts

Musical Selection:
Nora Bostaph, DC Commission on the Arts

Eatn' and Greetin'

1:00-1:30pm—Capitol Hill
Participants are encouraged to call on their Congressional Representatives

Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa
(Our House is Your House)

Meet the National Resources Up Close:
Participants will have an opportunity to meet with program staff at the following facilities:
National Endowment for the Arts,
Washington Project for the Arts
United States Information Agency
Smithsonian Institution.

Concurrent Sessions 3:30-5:30pm

State of the Arts:
Advocacy, Aesthetics, Funding and Patronage,
Hotel Washington

Garth Tate, Dance USA DC

Jo Bunton Keel, Eulipions, Inc., Colorado
David White, Dance Theatre Workshop, New York
Myrna Renaud Dancer/Choreographer, Texas
Miya Hisaka DC Contemporary Dance Theatre, DC
Yen Lou Wong, California


Kirk Robertson, New Mexico Arts Division

Toi Derricotte, Poet, DC

Eleanor Traylor, Writer, DC
Fay Chaing, Henry Street Settlement, New York
Joseph Bruchas, New York


Glenda McGee, Southern Arts Federation, Georgia
Ruben Sierra, Actor/Director, Washington
Roberta Uno Thelwell, University of Massachusetts, New World Theatre, Massachusetts
Leon Denmark, Negro Ensemble Company, New York
Tisa Chang, Pan-Asian Repertory Company
Josephine Ramirez, Washington
Hanay Gergomch, California


Nap Turner, WPFW Radio, DC

A B Spellman, NEA Expansion Arts Program, DC

Bernice Johnson Reagon, Smithsonian Institution, DC
Robert Kikuchi Yngojo, Eth-Noh-Tec Creations, California
Juan Tejida, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Texas

Visual Arts

Eugene Grigsby, ASU, Arizona

Murray DePillers, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia

John Yau, Critic, New York
Edgar Heap of Birds, Painter, Oklahoma
Lorraine Garcia, The Mexican Museum, California
Bing Davis Central State University, Ohio
Richard Powell, Washington Project for the Arts, DC

Friday, continued…


Louis LeRoy, Salsa Graphics, San Antonio, Texas

Tony Gittens, Black Film Institute, DC

Linda Mablot, Visual Communications, California
Haile Gerima, Howard University, DC
Arthur Fielder, Daughters of the Dust, Georgia
Elizabeth Perez Luna, Crossroads, Pennsylvania
Dai Sil Kim Gibson, Consultant, DC

Folk Arts/Respect for Tradition

Melvin Deal, African Performing Arts, DC

Amalia Mesa Bains, Artist, California

Phyllis May Machunda, Smithsonian Institution, DC

Sharon King, Southern Arts Federation, Georgia

King Phatammovong, District of Columbia

Stand Up and Be Counted

Dinner with Keynote address

Hotel Washington Ballroom

Master of Ceremonies:
Gordon Braithwaite, Consultant, DC

Robert Lee, Asian Arts Institute, New York

East Meets West - Viven DY. Chen, and Shizumi

Hiro, Visual Artist

Joseph McIntyre

Mildred E Bautista, Consultant, Maryland

Lawson Inada, Southern Oregon State University, Oregon

Linda Jofuku, US Department of Commerece, Bureau of the Census

Special Tribute:
Donald Woods, Poet, New York
Gloria Hightower, Vocalist, DC

Open Dialogue — Caucus Meetings

8:30am — 10:00pm

An Evening of Chicago Jazz 10:00 — 2:00am
Hosted by Illinois Arts Council
Hotel Washington Ballroom

Geraldine deHaas, Vocalist, Illinois

Saturday, June 11th

Money: Finding it. Getting It, Maximizing It

Earned Income, a New Priority

Hotel Washington Ballroom

Carmen De Novias, Xicanindio, Mesa, Arizona

Johnathan Katz, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies, DC


  • Edgar Lozano, Atlas Pallets, Texas
  • Bill Moskin, Consultant, Washington
  • Tex Wounded Face, North Dakota Economic Development Commission, North Dakota
  • Moy Eng, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre Workshop, New York
  • John L Moore III, Washington Project for the Arts, DC

TAAC Procession 10:45am, to the Marketplace at Freedom Plaza

March will begin at the South, outside end of the hotel

Grand Marshal:
Agnes Copes, Wainanae Coast Cultural and Arts Center, Hawaii
Stilt Walkers:
Ankdrew Cacho African Drummers and Dancers, DC

Celebrate the Marketplace

Mistress of Ceremonies:
Kimberly Camp, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Vantile Whitfield, Arts Media Service, DC

Grand Marshal:
Agnes Copes, Wainanawe Coast Cultlural and Arts Center, Hawaii

Reception: 8:00—9:30pm
John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Atrium
Shuttle Buses Depart the Hotel at 7:00pm

Master of Ceremonies:
Alex Simpson, DC Commission on the Arts, DC

Jack Kukuk, Director, Office of Education

Marta Istomin, Artistic Director
Archie buffkins, Directory, Cultural Diversity Affairs

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon
Thai Yim Kung Fu School, Ethnic Music Duo

Open Dialogue—Caucus Meetings10:00pm
Hotel Washington
Open Dialouge—Hospitalitly Suite
Hotel Washington

Sunday, June 12th

Sunrise Meditation:
A Celebration of Life
Pershing Park, 14th & E Steets, NW

Mistresses of Ceremonies:
Barbara R Nicholson, Chair, Open Dialogue III Host Committee
Barbara Tukney, Boardmember, Center Stage, Ohio

Breakfast Buffet and Caucus Reports 8:00am
Hotel Washington Ballroom

Barbara Bayless, Ohio Arts Council

Leadership Empowerment Session
Hotel Washington Ballroom

E'Vonne Coleman Rorie, NEA Expansion Arts Program, DC

Madeline Murphy Rabb, Chicago Council on Fine Arts, Illinois

Bill Strickland, Manchester Crafatsmen's Guild, Pennsylvania
Pedro Rodriguez, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Texas
Mario Ernesto Sanchez, Teatro Avante, Florida

Peter Kiang, University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts

Leadership Keynote Address
Hotel Washington Ballroom

Gordon Braithwaite, Consultant, Washington DC

E Lockhart Moss, Director, National Jazz Service Organization

Leadership Recognition Ceremony
and Awards presentation

Recognition of TAAC Board of Directors

Douglas MacArthur Johnson

Remarks from Honorees:
Gordon Braithwaite,
Louis LeRoy,
Marta Vega

Closing Remarks:
Barbara R Nicholson, Executive Director, DC Commission on the Arts
John Paul Batiste, Chair, The Association of American Cultures

Musical Selection:
The Family of American Cultures