As I listened to a webinar hosted by Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) on its report Annual Research on Support for Arts and Culture, I was relatively unsurprised to hear from Steven Lawrence of the Foundation Center that their research found the largest share of arts grants went to the performing arts (36.8 percent) and museums (27.6 percent).


These findings are consistent with those from NCRP’s Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change, a report for arts and culture funders from the High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy series, by veteran arts and culture strategic planner, program developer and fundraiser Holly Sidford. Sidford noted that while only 2 percent of arts and culture nonprofits have budgets greater than $5 million, they receive 55 percent of grants, contributions and gifts.


What might lie at the root of this significant imbalance in the distribution of funding for arts and artists?

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